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The most significant current demand for utility-scale (10-100 MWh range) electrical energy storage is attributed to the rapidly increasing reliance on variable/intermittent electricity generation from renewable energy sources. In spite of the undisputed compulsory & urgent need for electricity storage to reduce grid overloads and demand-supply imbalances, current storage solutions are either not cost-effective, unreliable or of limited lifetime. The only currently-employed, economically viable storage solutions are pumped-hydro storage or compressed air energy storage (CAES) in natural caverns, but they are only applicable in and restricted to specific sites meeting unique geological or geographical conditions.

ThermaSphera’s Solution is a highly efficient & cost-effective system for storage of surplus electrical energy generated by the electric utility grid during low demand or by variable throughput energy sources such as wind turbines and solar energy farms. The innovative closed-loop technology is based on consuming surplus electricity for the hydro-pneumatic compression of a common fluid to above-surface storage tanks, while capturing the heat released during compression and generating electricity at peak-demand by discharging the fluid from storage, through the captured heat reservoir, to a hydro-pneumatic system powering a linear generator.
The synergy between the system’s innovative engineering design concept, coupled with the uniquely selected (and IP protected) energy storage fluid & heat storage medium, will offer an unprecedented high-yield, cost-effective & environmentally friendly solution.
The system will be offered as modular and independent power & energy units, both completely scalable and flexible with respect to both energy storage capacity and throughput to suit a variety of applications



Stage: Seed
Accelerated since: February 2014
CEO: Dr. Nitzan Eliahu