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Cutting edge Hydrogen based energy generation for Transportation

Enabling Fuel Cell based Power Generation & Energy Storage by a Safe and Cost Effective Hydrogen On-Demand solution

Fuel cell converts Hydrogen to electricity and presents clean, safe, scalable and reliable alternative to combustion engines, batteries and other forms of Energy Generation & Energy Storage. A mature fuel cell industry will serve the On-Grid, Off-Grid & Transportation energy and fuel consumption needs of multi- billion market segments: Transportation, Mass energy storage, Military devices, Communication backup, Emergency power, Consumer electronics and more.
To store sufficient energy quantities, hydrogen need to be-compressed in high-pressure vessels, presenting major obstacle for safe storage and carriage, consequently driving the cost of required Hydrogen infrastructure to astronomic figures.

Terragenic developed a set of innovative and proprietary technologies addressing the main challenge of hydrogen economy. For Power Generation, Fuel – Hydrogen-rich liquid fuel operated in ambient pressure; Catalyst – Low cost, active and resilient catalyst for hydrogen extraction from hydrogen-rich liquid fuel, and for Energy Storage – Fuel Regeneration – Innovative, cost effective synthesis, reloading the exhausted fuel with hydrogen.

Our Hydrogen On-Demand Novel Solution will enable the rapid expansion and adoption of fuel cell systems across a large array of market segments, by delivering Absolute safety of storage, carriage & generation, low CAPEX, competitive OPEX, High energy density and a Green and recyclable solution.



Stage: Early Stage
Accelerated since: January 2014
Founder & CEO: Guy N. Michrowski
Founder & CTO: Dr. Alex Silverman
Chairman: Baruch Halpert