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Synchronverters for grid health & stability

A Novel solution – the catalyst for stabilizing power, empower the accelerated spread of Renewables, Electric Storage and Electric Vehicles around the globe.

An advanced and unique control algorithm enabling grid stabilization in mixed environment of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) with up to 100% of renewable energy within the grid, while transforming any RES / DER / Electric Storage/ EV Charging inverters into cutting-edge grid stabilizing devices.

The Synchronverter™ allows conventional DC/AC converters to create the inertia required for grid stability:

The Synchronverter™ mimics local control loops similar to synchronous generators’ control, generating active power source participation in grid stabilization.

The algorithm computes the induced voltages on the virtual generator’s stator winding at any given moment, without lags or tracking errors.

Droop coefficients and complex non-linear droop curves can be easily imposed via the control processor software or grid operator.



Stage: Early Stage
Accelerated since: January  2014
Founder & CTO: Prof. George Weiss
Founder: Mr. Ronny Itzhak
CEO: Mr. Ronny Izhak