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Synchronverters for grid health & stability

With the wide spread introduction of renewable energy sources into traditional and micro-grids, a new grid-stability challenge is being realized by grid operators and inverter manufacturers alike. Renewable generation sources fall short in the proven grid-stability functionality offered by traditional synchronous generators. As a result, when the proportion of renewable energy sources in a grid is sufficiently high, the lack of stabilizing functionality, together with the intermittent nature of renewable generation devices, may cause large fluctuations in power angle, grid voltage and power flow. Such fluctuations can cause frequent disconnects of renewable sources – thus reducing yield, and may lead to a cascade reaction and wreak havoc on utility operations and on load-side equipment alike.

Synvertec has developed the Synchroverter – An innovative technology that enables today’s inverters to play a leading role in grid stabilization..

The Synchronverter readily integrates with existing renewable energy inverters, with no need for inverter design changes, turning them in effect into a virtual synchronous generator device. Through an add-on control device which readily integrates with the inverter’s controller, and utilizing a small, ultra-fast-response energy bank, the Synchronverter enables existing inverters to perfectly mimic the behavior of synchronous generators, including frequency response, voltage stabilization, and inertia. The solution is highly scalable, with the same Synchronverter control device serving from kW and up to MW scale inverters. The Synchronverter allows renewable inverter manufacturer and renewable field operators to actively participate in grid stabilization, in harmony with other generators.



Stage: Seed
Accelerated since: January  2014
Founder & CTO: Prof. George Weiss
Founder: Mr. Robert Meshel
CEO: Mr. Ronny Izhak