Solight |

Innovative Solar Lighting Systems

Solight LTD is developing Solar Lighting systems, used to illuminate buildings during daytime. A cutting edge system, comprised of an Optimized Static Collector (OSC), a transport and distribution module and hybrid dispersion units – the first affordable and practical method of using natural full spectrum solar light for widespread interior daytime lighting.

Our innovative lighting system creates a significant reduction in energy consumption of both lighting and air-conditioning expenses, suitable for industrial, commercial and residential applications. The Solight OSC integrates especially well with global and national directives of migrating existing, as well as new structures to renewable energy systems.

Comparing our thorough calculations and simulations’ results with competing systems such as tracking systems, PV Panels and Reflective Pipes, the Solight design is considerably more efficient in light collection, delivering an impressive 40 K Lumen per square meter. It has a significant advantage over the tracking systems receiver in terms of cost and saturated installations, an incomparable advantage over PV-LED systems in the quality of natural sunlight, and over Reflective Pipe systems in uniformity and flexible delivery.

The Solight system had been recently awarded Israeli Patent and a PCT Application had been applied.



Stage: Seed
Accelerated since: April 2014
CEO & Founder: Dror Becker
CTO & Founder: Ofer Becker