SCADA Cyber Protection

Due to incorrect set of assumptions, SCADA systems considered inherently secure for many years, though in recent years, many of their vulnerabilities became a growing source of concern in the energy, water, telecommunications and transportation industries. Vulnerabilities of SCADA systems to cyber attacks, were validated by the Stuxnet attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. SCADA systems were mainly designed to supply high reliability, focusing to reach very high values of MTBF (mean time between failures), hence solution must not in any way jeopardize system’s reliability, credibility, performance or ability to apply immediate overrides. Current solutions address the IT and communication arena, and SCADA protection scene is relatively new and immature. Existing solutions cover the high level layers, HMI systems and communication routes, and typically supplied today by the SCADA manufacturers. Furthermore, the protective solution by itself is prone to be a target for an attack; hence the protective mechanism must be able to be fully self-protected.

SIGA novel cyber solution is a pioneering approach delivering an advanced overlay on any given system, supplying nearly impenetrable alert line, transparent to the source and nature of the attack. This is a novel paradigm of securing the points which matter most, resulting with focusing on the endgame and not the paths to it. Placed on top of a given setup, it can be applied integrally with any set of existing hardware, allowing its deployment without the need for infrastructural changes. The solution can be applied integrally with any existing hardware, completely independent of manufacturer and model of the SCADA system employed. It can be deployed in addition to all traditional protection mechanisms already installed.



Stage: Seed
Accelerated since: September  2014
Founder & CEO: Amir Samoiloff
Founder & CTO: Ilan Gendelman
Founder: Erez Kreiner