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reliability, stability and maintenance of MV / LV transformers


Electricity power supply reliability, stability and increasing maintenance cost of MV / LV transformers substations and transmission / distribution grids, are considered as major challenges that power utilities and private operators are facing today. Coupled with the fast transformation of electrical grids into smarter networks and in some cases into “micro grids”, the electricity market is in a constant and intensive search for innovation and disruptive solutions.

PDP has developed an An innovative, non-invasive, “IoT” system integrated with a Command & Control S/W, designed, by monitoring the phenomena of Partial Discharge (PD), to detect and measure in real-time developing insulation degradation faults in their very early stage. The common denominator of LV, MV and HV equipment is that one of the main failure mechanism and one of the most difficult to detect on time – in many cases age related – is appearance of electrical spikes due to defects or contaminations in the insulating material. This can lead over time to total equipment failure. The basic concept of our disruptive IoT system is detection and analysis of the Electro Magnetic (EM) emission generated by these discharges to continuously assess the equipment health.

PDP Technologies was founded officially on August 2014 by Yuval Levin, Moti Itzkovich, and Dr. Harel Primack. Yuval Levin (CEO) has over 25 years’ experience in managing worldwide business operations in startups and large companies. Both Moti (CTO) and Harel (VP R&D) are highly skilled engineers / physicists with very strong background in managing complex and multidisciplinary R&D projects, with major expertise in signal processing. Currently funded by the Israeli Chief Scientist and Horizon Greentech Ventures Ltd. (an investment alliance by GE (Alstom Israel Ltd.), Rotem industries Ltd. and Gefen Biomed Investments Ltd.


Stage: Seed
Accelerated since: August 2014
CEO: Yuval Levin
VP R&D: Harel Primack
Moti Itzkovich