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A Real-time, On-line, High-resolution Molecular-level Analyzer

Oil&Gas, Petro-chemistry, Agro-chemistry, Polymers, Semi-conductors and Pharmaceutical – are all investing billions of dollars to enhance their analytical capability at the molecular level. On-line process monitoring and real-time closed-loop control become essential tools in modern industrial manufacturing. Today’s process monitoring technologies (through in-process sensors, chemical analysis and spectroscopy) fall short in fulfilling the industry requirements at various aspects (e.g., resolution, response-time, cost).

optiQGain’s innovative SRS Raman spectroscope generates molecular Raman spectrum under industrial and outdoor conditions. Through sophisticated computerized analysis it provides real-time detection and concentration of specified target molecules.

Raman spectroscopy is used by the industry for over 20 years but is hampered by long acquisition times and low sensitivity. Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) Spectroscopy – systems are very expensive, sensitive, require high maintenance and are currently used only in academic research.
optiQGain’s innovative, robust, small size, low cost SRS spectrophotometer overcomes the technological gap between industry’s needs and current state of the art spectroscopy capabilities.

Applications include:

  • traqNRG analyses combustion compounds in multiple aspects of the energy industry. Co-developed with ALSTOM Power for gas turbine on-line calibration and optimization of turbine performances – through accurate monitoring of composition changes in inlet and flue gases.
  • traqCOMP is an industrial process analyzer for direct sampling of gas or liquid samples, ideal for implementation in Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for better quality and increased profitability.
  • cheqVAP (medical) is an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) device for early detection of VAP (Ventilated Associated Pneumonia) by analysis, at a molecular level, of exhaled breath. This long-term effort is funded by EU grants.


Stage: Seed
Accelerated since: August 2014
Co-founder, CEO and R&D manager: Ram Alon
Co-Founder, CTO: Dr. Nitzan Eliyahu
Co-founder, VP Bus. Dev. & Medical Affairs: Dr. Yaron Lapidot
Optics Scientist: Dr. Haim Abitan