EVR Motors |

Novel Direct Drive Generators for wind and other applications.

Recently, wind turbine and other turbine applications have been shifting from a predominant reliance on gearboxes towards an increased use of direct-drive technology with permanent magnet generators (PMGs). This trend has been motivated by customer demand for increased reliability (following experiences with bearing-related gearbox failures) and the higher power-to-weight ratios attainable in turbines with direct drives.

EVR Motors has developed innovative & cost-effective Generator Technology, primarily for Distributed & Community Wind turbines. A patent-pending novel, direct drive light-weight generator for variable RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) input sources, based on a unique design of the generator magnetic system and topology. The novel design enables the use of magnets in the generator from both sides, removing entirely the iron from the rotor, and less electrical steel is being used.

Efficiency above 94%, light weight and for off-grid applications no need for expensive transformer where the generator can directly produce low voltage & high current.

Additional applications include scalability for up to 8MW wind turbines, generators for Tidal turbines, generators for BioGas & BioDiesel engines and potentially as smart Motors for Electric Vehicles to fit any type of electric & hybrid vehicles, starting from cars to heavy machinery and ships.



Stage: Seed to Early Stage
Accelerated since: May 2012
CEO: Eli Rozinsky
CTO: Victor Kislev
V.P. R&D: Ruslan Shabinski