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Innovative Chiller Smart Energy Management Solution for Chiller dynamic optimization.

In commercial and industrial buildings HVACs are accounted for over 60% of energy consumption. Building owners and managers are increasingly aiming to cut down on energy consumption and costs. Consequently, energy efficiency associated with HVAC are expected to have a huge demand.

Elencon’s Chiller Smart Management System (CSMS) reduces energy consumption and energy bills by 25% to 35%.

Elencon’s CSMS can be implemented into any cooled water chilling system, including homes, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, institutional centres, data centres etc.

Most large HVAC systems use chillers to cool water, which flows through a coil cooling the in-room air. In large systems the cold water coils often run both inside and outside of the building, thus wasting energy. Increasing water temperature set point reduces energy waste and increases the chiller’s COP (Coefficient of Performance) achieving this way high energy saving.

Our intelligent software and service are non intrusive or disruptive to any existing energy or building management applications, and standard chiller systems. Gather real-time data (dynamic electricity price, weather forecast, and location data) in order to predict the optimal conditions for the next hour.

Real time management of “set point”, leveraging our on-going optimization protocols in order to determine the most economical set points. All done with smart and innovative learning algorithms to identify facility thermo dynamical characteristics in order to solve differential equations of energy flow, while keeping room conditions as required.

Currently Elencon operates six large installations, including a hospital, hotel, office buildings and a college, overall with a total power of 11,000 kW, saving around $180,000 each year. Elencon is aiming to dramatically expand its client base in the near future. In addition, strategic collaborations and joint ventures with world leading energy players are underway.



Stage: Early Stage
Accelerated since: July  2012
founder CEO and CTO: Izidor Liberman
SW manager: Tamara Liberman
Chief Scientist: Dr. Ilya Spielberg