Inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit – Revitalizing innovation, fostering transformation, reshaping the future

Horizon GreenTech Ventures quest for novel ideas and inventions that reveal great potential in applications across the spectrum of green & smart energy & mobility.

Our world is facing a rapid and massive transformation in the energy, mobility and urbanization space. This will modify the existing ecosystems in terms of environment and society, whereby governments, industries and citizens must anticipate evolving challenges and opportunities.

The two interrelated drivers that will emerge are Energy and Transport which will compose the DNA of the future urban systems. This will boost an intense race to improve technologies and products with enhanced and agile performances and functionalities. Former innovation schemes will not properly address these evolving challenges.

Our strategic and open-innovation focus is on Smart & Green Technologies for the energy and mobility domains. Our strategy capitalizes on best practices of innovation to enhance the introduction of cutting-edge inventions and game changing technologies.

We assume that in this space everything must be re-invented, generating novel technologies in the following domains:

Nanotechnologies for energy and transportation application, innovative digital solution for smart cities. Big data analysis, additive manufacrturing, rapid prototyping, renewables energies & storage, advanced power electronics, automation and control, predictive maintenance, embedded software, simulation and modellmodelingrsecurity, advanced visualization and many more.




Energy efficiencyEnergy efficiency
Smart GridSmart Grid
Cyber SecurityCyber Security
Smart MobilitySmart Mobility




Our Primary focus  is to leverage scientific, technological,
industrial and business expertise as an enabler to nurture Green and Smart energy disruptive solutions.


  • Nurturing and accelerating extraordinary entrepreneurs & disruptive technologies in the smart & green energy and mobility domains.
  • Fostering the implementation of smart micro-grid platforms, test-beds and demonstration podiums for innovative technologies and expediting experimental projects.
  • Cultivating critical interfaces between inventions & industrial applications, enhancing the commercial exploitation of game changing technologies.

Passionate entrepreneurs, exceptional innovations, Outstanding market opportunities

We’re looking to nurture and invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs who have the capacity to build excellent teams and great companies.

We look for unmet need and strong impact, novel proprietary technology, management and board experience and capital efficiency in the program.