Accelerating the creation and buildup of exceptional new companies in the Green & Smart Energy and Mobility space


Horizon GreenTech Ventures is an investment accelerator & technological incubator focused on seed to early stages ventures in the field of Green & Smart Energy and Mobility.

Horizon GreenTech Ventures formed in 2011, by a strategic partnership between Alstom SA, Rotem Industries Ltd. and Gefen Biomad Investment.

We offer unique technological acceleration platform to boost the successful development of entrepreneurial companies by providing initial funding, technological and business support, industrial orientation and unique services.



Our Mission is to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies, providing funding, technological and business support, industrial orientation and unique services.


We fuel growth for exceptional teams that believe in endless opportunities

At Horizon GreenTech Ventures, nurturing and accelerating entrepreneurs with great ideas means much more than investing capital.

  • We place tremendous value on creating working partnership with our teams.
  • We provide our project companies with distinctive and constant professional support and coaching.
  • We primarily dedicate our initial investment at the early stages in order to shape the company and follow with additional support & investment in pace with the company’s progress.
  • We will increase our activities to lead or co-lead deals and remain open to participate in larger syndicates.



Unique technological acceleration platform

With a distinctive track record in the global energy industry and outstanding R&D resources, our management team and dedicated experts of our partners deliver exceptional support and mentoring to each and every startup. This unique and complementary platform evolved from our vast accumulated experience and knowhow in the global energy and transport industry, international markets and cutting edge scientific and technological resources. Our project companies experience best of its kind inspiring environment that will maximize performance and results.


Technological support
ongoing Technological support
Technological experts, skilled engineers and scientific professionals, with accumulated vast experience are involved in the development processes of our companies, so our entrepreneurs benefit from on-going support and access to unique technological infrastructure and resources.

Global Industry
Open Door to the Global Industry
The extensive ecosystem and the global presence of our partners, enables direct access to the global industry, international markets & strategic players. Our experts guide the entrepreneurs with industrial oriented thinking and focus the applications on what people need and has not been done yet.

Incubation & acceleration guidance
Our team is highly experienced with business & commercialization expertise and startup incubation best practices, all leveraged to support and mentor our entrepreneurs to bridge the most challenging initial stages of creating successful companies.


Meni Maor – CEO

Since 2011, Meni served as the founder & the CEO of Horizon GreenTech Ventures, a director in 10 portfolio startups, as well as heading the Innovation Center for Green Energy at Rotem Industries ltd.

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Meni occupy Prior to that, Meni functioned as the Director of Business Development at Rotem Industries since 2004. Meni holds an MBA and BA in International Business Administration from the University of West of England (UK), and since 1998, gained substantial experience in managerial, business development & marketing positions in a variety of start-ups, as well as multinational companies.

In the past 5 years, intensively engaged as a senior manager, consultant, venture capital specialist, and a business development leader of green energy innovative technologies in Israel.


Dov Barak – CTO

As CTO of Horizon GreenTech Vntures, Dov is responsible for the scientific and technological activities and decisions of Horizon Green Tech Ventures’s portfolio companies and throughout the screening process.

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During his career, Dov gained vast experience in the development of various electronic systems and products, working under strict-regulatory requirements.

Dov has held chief positions at a major government research facility, supervising, planning and consulting for dozens of systems, mainly at the R&D phases.

Prior to joining Horizon Green Tech Ventures, Dov was the Chief Scientist of Rotem Industries Ltd. Dov obtained his BSc. In Electronic Engineering at the Technion in Haifa, and his MSc. EE and MBA at Ben Gurion University.


Meital Weiss Harazi – Marketing & Operations Manager

In the past two years, Meital is leading the marketing and operation activity at Horizon GreenTech Ventures. Prior to that, Meital has been leading the marketing activity at Rotem Industries Ltd, and was responsible for the business development of several technological-oriented activities.

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Concurrently, she has been engaged in the business development, marketing and operations of the Green Energy technological center at Rotem Industries. Meital holds an MBA in Business management and BA in economics from the Bar Ilan University.


Nissim Zvili – Chairman 

Nissim Zvili  acts as Horizon’s Chairman of the Board. Since 2009 when appointed as country president of Alstom Israel, Nissim Zvili is heading the successful penetration of Alstom into the power and transport industries in Israel. Nissim Zvili previously served as General Secretary of the Israel Labor Party and as Labor Party Member of the Knesset.

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During the years of 2002-2005, Nissim Zvili was Israel Ambassador to France, during which he forged and strengthened extensive economic and business relations between the two countries. Born in Tunisia, Zvili made aliyah at a young age. He graduated from an agricultural high school and later served with the IDF. He took courses in political science at Bar-Ilan University and in public administration at Oxford and Cambridge.

He began his political career during the 1980s and was elected as secretary general of the Moshav movement. Among his public appointments were his membership in the executive of the Jewish Agency and of the Histadrut’s central committee. Zvili entered the Knesset in the 1992 elections andre-elected in the 1996 elections. In 1992 he was also elected as secretary general of the party.


Ronan Stephan – Director 

Dr. Stephan serves as Chief Innovation Officer at Alstom SA since 2012. He began his career with Thomson-CSF in 1984 in Underwater Activities. In 1997, he became director of the Brest-Iroise Technopôle (Brest Science Park).

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Between 2003 and 2005, he directed Industrial Affairs and Technology Transfer at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) and held the position of Executive Director at France Innovation Scientifique et Transfert (subsidiary of the CNRS and OSEO). Elected President and Chief Executive Officer of the University of Technology of Compiègne in 2005, he remained there until his nomination in 2009 as Executive Director of Research and Innovation at the Ministry for Higher Education and Research.

In March 2012, he joined the ALSTOM Group as Chief Innovation Officer.

Dr. Stephan is a graduate engineer from ENSI engineering school and holds a PhD in physics from the University of Caen (France).


Yoram Sadan – Director 

With over 25 years of management experience, Yoram Sadan, 54, appointed as Rotem Industries CEO on March 2014 and currently managing  a diversified portfolio of industrial and business activities in Israel and worldwide.

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Prior to that, Yoram acted as Senior Director General for Human Resources at the NRCN (Nuclear Research Center Negev).

Yoram served as director for business development at Rotem from 1994 until 2005.

Yoram graduated from BGU (Ben Gurion University) and completed his MBA.

During 1999-2001 served as General Manager for a Sino-Israeli joint venture in China, and in 2004, participated as a fellowship at Tyco Telecommunication in the US.


Benny Sidon – Director 

Benny acts as Gefen Biomad’s V.P. Investors Relations. During his career, Benny gained vast experience in the field of business & finance; investing & recruiting finances and investment banking firms.

Prior to investing in Gefen, Benny held equity control positions in a numerous Israeli public companies.

Benny also serves as a director at Gefen, the subsidiaries and various portfolio companies.

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Benny holds BA in economics, graduating from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.



Robert Plana – Member of investment committee

Dr. Plana serves as R&D University Relations Director at Alstom S.A. and University Professor. Previously served as Chief Scientist-head of the strategy department at Ministry of higher education and research, as a Scientific Director head of the department Mathematics, Physics, Nanotechnologies, ICT at the Ministry of l’Enseignement Supérieur, and as a Professor in Touloues University and Institut Universitaire de France LAAS-CNRS.

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Served as well as a professor at Paul Sabatier University and Institut Universitaire de France and initiated a research team at LAAS-CNRS in the field of Micro and Nano-systems for RF and millimeter-wave communications. Dr. Plana has built a network of excellence in Europe “AMICOM” regrouping 25 research groups. He has authored and co-authored more than 200 international journals and conferences.